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Capillary membranes

The ultrafiltration capillary membrane technology is widely extended and its application covers various variants: purification of surface and well water, reverse osmosis pretreatment (both brackish water and desalination) and tertiary treatments. At FTR we accumulate more than fifteen years of experience and collaboration with our manufacturing partners, developing a good number of references in various applications, by supplying membranes, engineering packages and / or ultrafiltration skids.

Versatile filtration

Filtration in / out of Polysulfone (PS) and filtration in / out composed of Polyvinylidene Fluoride, PVDF.

High resistance

Made of highly hydrophilic modified PS with special technology and strict standard quality controls, possessing excellent stretch and anti-breakage characteristics.

High flow & stable operation

The In / Out type membrane has a unique, highly resistant pore structure, with fluxes between 20% and 30% higher than other similar membranes thanks to its molecular material.

Wide variety of solutions

The product can be used in groundwater or surface water,
for treatment of boiler feed, and pretreatment of desalination plants, water reuse, etc ...

Module features

Quick clamp type connection.
Special leak-proof structure.
Optimal central tube design.
Uniform water distribution.
Air purge system.

The perfect solution for maximum control and performance

Software for the ideal maintenance of your treatment plant, monitoring remotely and managing all your data automatically.

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