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We contribute to water reuse and the circular economy development.
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About us

FTR integrate people who accumulate more than 20 years of experience in the field of the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, water treatment, reuse and process water having participated in the design, construction and operation of plants in its various applications.

Focused on the technology and supply of membranes, engineering and ultrafiltration systems for application in plants with MBR technology, tertiary and polishing treatments, purification and reuse of sanitary, urban and industrial wastewater.

We offer the best membrane technologies to the market through our customers (OEM - EPC) with the international support and involvement of our associated manufacturers, subsidiaries and representatives.

Submerged membrane

Ultrafiltration submerged membrane technology is widely extended and recognized throughout the world, ideally applied in wastewater treatment using MBR (bioreactor membrane) systems, which allow obtaining an excellent quality of treated water for reuse and occupying a minimal area or space compared to conventional treatment.

External tubular membrane

The ultrafiltration tubular membrane technology is applied both in those applications of external MBR (membrane bioreactor) systems and in direct filtrations or polishes of aerobic or anaerobic treatments. In this line we have collaboration agreements with German manufacturers with extensive experience.

Capillary membrane

The ultrafiltration capillary membrane technology is widely extended and its application covers various variants: purification of surface and well water, reverse osmosis pretreatment (both brackish water and desalination) and tertiary treatments. At FTR we accumulate more than fifteen years of experience and collaboration.

MBR containerized plants

With our technological partner MITSUBISHI we offer a standardized range of containerized MBR (membrane bioreactor) plants, conceived as a complete solution for the treatment of sanitary and assimilated wastewater in hotel complexes, shopping centers, urban developments or mining camps, among others.

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Contribute to environmental sustainability and its water resources by promoting and disseminating the most advanced technologies for their implementation in the circular economy.


With Mitsubishi Chemical, we cover the broadest sector of the market in terms of MBR system applications, giving the most energy efficient solution to the treatment of industrial, municipal and urban effluents, with an output quality for its reuse.

Maximum control of your plants

Software for the ideal maintenance of your treatment plant, monitoring remotely and managing all your data automatically.

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