Focused on membrane technology, supply, engineering and ultrafiltration systems for MBR technology application. Tertiary treatments and polishing in the treatment and reuse of sanitary and industrial effluents. 

Mission & Vision

Contribute in sustainability and hydric resources by means of promotion and diffusion of the most advanced technology for the circular economy implementation.

Offering the best membrane technology through our clients (OEM-EPC) with the international implication and support of our manufacturers, subsidiaries and representatives. 

Products and Solutions – Membrane Technologies

The technology of submerged ultrafiltration membrane is widely used and recognized worldwide. Typically applied in wastewater treatment using MBR (membrane bioreactor) systems, which allow obtaining an excellent quality of treated water for reuse and occupying a minimum area or space compared to a conventional activated sludge treatment plant.

We technically represent  and are associated with MITSUBISHI membranes.  Developed since the 1980’s MITSUBISHI now have an extensive list of 5000 references with this proven technology.

The ultrafiltration tubular membrane technology can be applied in applications of external MBR (membrane bioreactor) systems and in direct filtrations or polishes of aerobic or anaerobic treatments. In this line, we have collaboration agreements with German manufacturers providing extensive experience. This technology is characterised by its robustness, which makes it ideal for applications involving the treatment of high-load streams such as leachate, anaerobes, etc. Since 2006  we have accumulated a great experience with this technology through having been involved in different projects of this nature, collaborating by supplying pre-assembled ultrafiltration membrane modules and / or pre-assembled skids, providing engineering packages or supplying pilot plants.

Capillary ultrafiltration membrane technology is widely used, and its application covers several variants: purification of surface and well water, reverse osmosis pretreatment (both brackish and desalinated water) and tertiary treatments. At FTR we have worked for more than fifteen years, gaining considerable experience with our manufacturing partners TRIHIGH. Through this time we have developed a significant number of references in various applications, by supplying membranes, engineering packages and / or ultrafiltration skids.

At FTR we have designed, together with our technological partner MITSUBISHI, a standardized range of containerized MBR (membrane bioreactor) plants, bringing together a complete solution for the treatment of sanitary and assimilated wastewater in hotel complexes, shopping centers, urban developments and mining camps. It is aproven, adaptable “plug & play” type solution, fixed or mobile, allowing the benefit of reusing treated wastewater as well as a minimum space requirement.

Projects and References

Submerged MBR plants

Some references and interesting projects incorporating our MBR submerged technology where we have collaborated in different ways; typically with membranes supply, design and/or engineering.

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MBR plants and direct filtration, external membrane technology

Some references and interesting projects incorporating our external tubular membrane technology where we have collaborated in different ways; typically with membranes supply, design and/or engineering. 

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UF plants with capillary membrane

Some references and interesting projects incorporating our UF capillary membranes typically applied to tertiary treatments. These include purification or previous pretreatment to reverse osmosis where we have collaborated in different ways: in these cases; design and engineering of membranes, supply of bespoke treatment systems and UF skid mounted systems. 

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Containerised MBR plants

Some references and projects we have made with our containerised MBR systems and technologies.

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The integrated team at FTR have more than 20 years of experience in the water treatment sector, predominately active in industrial, municipal sewage, purification and water reuse. The company focus and contribute in plant and facility design, construction and operation, covering many wide, bespoke and diverse applications. Our solutions are tailored for each client we work with. In 2004 we started our collaboration with TRIHIGH in the field of purifications applications and tertiary treatment by means of Ultrafiltration with pressurized capilary membranes.  In 2006, we further collaborated with a number of German manufacturers where we added specialist UF technologies, encompassing tubular membranes, to our operational portfolio. This MBR external technology is oriented to treatment of effluent such as leachates. 

Most recently, we have added UF hollow fiber membrane technology, this is in collaboration with the japanese manufacturer MITSUBISHI. This important addition allows us to cover the MBR systems market somprehensively. Our technology portfolio allows us to offer energy efficient solutions for the treatment of industrial, municipal or urban effluents. Further, the quality output of reuse water allows us to contribute directly to the delivery of new circular economy projects. Our MITSUBISHI technologies can be containerised making them suitable for many applications such as hotel complexes, shopping malls, mining camps and urban developments.











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